Services & Resources

Due to the current influx of animals entering and in our care, please fill out the surrender request below.

You can also reach the front desk at the Admissions Center at 402-441-4488 ext 2 (Monday-Friday 10:30-6 and Weekends 12-4) if you have questions or are unable to hold onto your pet.




Managing Intake

Due to an increase in the number of animals entering our shelter, Capital Humane Society is working on ways to manage our intake. We currently have a surrender wait list. If you are able to hold onto your pet, staff can place you on our wailting list and contact you once we have an appointment available. If you are not able to hold onto the pet, please contact our admissions center at 402-441-4488 ext. 2 to schedule a surrender ASAP.

If you need assistance but aren't sure our resources will help, please contact our Pet Retention Coordinator at or 402-473-5364. 

Our goal is to keep as many pets in their current homes as possible. Please refer to our resources to see if we can help you and your pet.

If you are not able to permanently keep your pet, please consider rehoming on your own or finding a rescue to take in your pet. Click the links below to learn more about how to rehome and for a list of rescues.


I need help to keep my pet                                         I want to rehome my pet                      I want to send my pet to a rescue