• Due to current shelter capacity, we are NOT accepting surrenders for any dogs, cats, or small critters unless it is an urgent emergency. Please call 402-441-4488 ext 2 to be placed on a wait list and receive re-homing information.

Services & Resources


This isn't a full list of rescues. There are many rescues specific for different situations (specific breeds, disabilities such as blind/deaf, senior dogs. ect), so we encourage you to do your own research to find a rescue that may be able to take your pet.


     The Cat House: Surrender Request Form                       

     Brave Animal Rescue: Contact Page 

     Feline Friends: Contact Page   

     NALA Rescue: Contact Page    

     Revolution Rescue: Contact Page              



     Brave Animal Rescue: Contact Page

     Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue: Owner Surrenders

     NALA Rescue: Contact Page

     Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue: Surrender Info

     Rescue Theory: Contact Page

     Revolution Rescue: Contact Page

     Blue River Pet Rescue: Surrender Info

     Second Chance Pups: Contact Page


          Breed/Size/Age Specific Rescues:

Senior Dogs

     Albert's Dog League: Surrender Info

     Old Dogs New Digs: Rehoming Inquiry

Blind Dogs

     Blind Dog Rescue Alliance: Surrender Info

Small Breeds

     Little White Dog Rescue: Contact Page

     SNAFU Rescue (short nose breeds such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers): Contact Page

Large Breeds

     Big Dogs Huge Paws (Dane, Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound): Owner Surrender Info

     Big Bones Canine Rescue: Contact Page


Alaskan Malamutes

     Taysia Blue Rescue: Intake Request Application

Australian Shepherds

     Australian Shepherds Furever: Rehome/Surrender Info

Basset Hounds

     Bassett & Beagle Rescue of the Heartland: Relinquishment Form


     Bassett & Beagle Rescue of the Heartland: Relinquishment Form

Belgian Malinois

     American Belgian Malinois Rescue: Contact Info

     MAD Rescue: Contact

Brittany Spaniels

     American Brittany Rescue: Contacts

Boston Terriers

     MidAmerican Boston Terrier Rescue: Rehoming Info

     Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue: Surrender Info


     Northern Plains Boxer Rescue: Contact Page

Bully Breeds

     Bullies N Beyond ResQ: Contact Page

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

     Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue: Surrender Info

Cocker Spaniels

     Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue: Surrender Info


     Nebraska Dachshund Rescue: Surrender Request

     Husker's Hope: Contact Page


     Dalmation Rescue of Colorado: Contact


     Doberman Rescue of Nebraska: Surrender Info

Dutch Shepherds

     MAD Rescue: Contact

German Shepherds

     Heartland German Shepherd Rescue (Can sometimes take herding breeds as well): Contact Page

German Short Hair Pointers

     Great Plains Pointer Rescue: Surrender Info.

Golden Retrievers

     GRRIN: Surrender


     American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue (Coonhounds & Bloodhounds): Contacts

Jack Russells

     Jack Russell Terrier Rescue: Surrender Info 


     National Newfoundland Rescue: Surrender Form

Shetland Sheepdogs

     Nebraska Sheltie Rescue: Surrender Info

Siberian Huskies

     Taysia Blue Rescue: Intake Request Application


     MidAmerica Rottweiler Rescue: Surrender Info


     Wonder Weims Rescue: Surrender Info & Form