• Due to current shelter capacity, we are NOT accepting surrenders for any dogs, cats, or small critters unless it is an urgent emergency. Please call 402-441-4488 ext 2 to be placed on a wait list and receive re-homing information.

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Host a Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Capital Humane Society (CHS) for a fundraising event. Because we rely heavily on donations, we appreciate the generosity of people like you to help us fulfill our mission, provide care for the 6,000+ animals we receive each year, and move ever closer to our vision.

We work hard to create corporate and third-party relationships that are mutually beneficial. This document outlines our approval process for third-party events and will help ensure your event is as successful as possible.

Please note: CHS is not able to offer off-site adoptions

Because of our limited resources, events that require no additional work from Capital Humane Society staff/volunteers are highly encouraged and greatly appreciated! 

Event application approval is not guaranteed and will be determined based on volunteer availability and/or prior commitments.

Please do not print any materials, pursue any media publicity, or solicit cash or in-kind donations until you have received written approval for your event from Capital Humane Society.


Please review the guidelines below. All agreements related to fundraising activities conducted by a third party on behalf of the Capital Humane Society shall be in writing and shall clearly describe the rights, duties, and obligations of all parties involved.

  • In general, Capital Humane Society will be unable to provide administrative, volunteer, or logistical assistance for your event. Your organization must have the means to sell tickets, staff the event, send and track invitations, initiate publicity and commit the necessary funds for advertising.
  • Application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event to be considered.

Event Notice:  All requests for Third-Party Events are required to be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event and returned to CHS. Our team will review applications twice a month and you will be contacted once we have a decision. Do not move forward with your plans until you have been notified of our decision in writing.

Media and Publicity: In addition to approval to host the event on behalf of Capital Humane Society, CHS must review and approve all promotional materials including, but not limited to, advertising, website and social media publications, letters, brochures, flyers and press releases prior to production or distribution. All advertising and promotional materials for the event must clearly disclose to the public the specific amount of money or percentage from the consumer’s purchase that will be donated to CHS. Publicity and/or promotional materials may only state that an event is “sponsored by (your organization’s name) to benefit Capital Humane Society.” CHS will not provide funding for your event. We will make our best effort to promote and support it in the following ways:

  •  Promote your event through our website calendar (50,000 monthly visits).
  •  Information material or facts sheets about our program and services available at your event.
  • Attendance and support at your event pending staff and/or volunteer availability.

Approved events that agree to raise a minimum of $1,000 will qualify for promotion and listing on Capital Humane Society's social media channels including Facebook (56,000 followers) and Instagram (9,000 followers). This includes but is not limited to Capital Humane Society agreeing to co-host a Facebook event page or CHS creating a Facebook event page on your behalf and promotional posts.

Additional Sponsorship: CHS works with various sponsors/underwriters for the events we conduct throughout the year. In order to ensure that there is no conflict with our current or prospective sponsors/underwriters, you must obtain written approval from CHS prior to soliciting sponsors/underwriters for your event. 

Onsite Representation: Due to the high volume of requests and limited resources, Capital Humane Society will be unable to provide administrative or logistical assistance for your event. Your organization must have the means to sell tickets, staff the event, send and track invitations, initiate publicity and commit the necessary funds for advertising. 

Permits and Liability:  Any individual or organization conducting an event is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and insurance (General Liability Insurance, etc.). They must also name Capital Humane Society of Lincoln, Nebraska as additional insured on the liability insurance for the event. If the event is an athletic or sporting event, they must require all participants to sign a waiver/release of liability.

Expenses: Individuals or organizations will agree to assume responsibility for all expenses associated with the event and assume all responsibility for all debts incurred. 

Payments: Individuals or organizations conducting events that benefit Capital Humane Society will present CHS with a check for the event proceeds within 14 days following conclusion of the event. 

  • If a sponsor, underwriter or participant is interested in making a donation directly to CHS (separate and apart from the event fee), we are happy to accept and acknowledge those donations. A donation will be considered tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to Capital Humane Society. 
  • Donations must be made payable to Capital Humane Society and may be mailed to: 

Capital Humane Society 

6500 S 70th St

Lincoln, NE 68516

Financial Review: Capital Humane Society has the right to review a financial statement or expenses for the event.   

Our team will review applications twice a month and you will be contacted once we have a decision. Do not move forward with your plans until you have been notified of our decision in writing.