The cold has arrived.  Take the time to arm yourself with knowledge on the subject of cold weather pet care so you can avoid dangers.  Here are some important tips to remember:
-Antifreeze has a sweet taste and can be fatal to your pet even if only small amounts are ingested. Keep pets away from areas where antifreeze is used or stored and be sure to wipe up any spills immediately.
-Consider using pet-safe products for deicing on your property and embittered antifreeze in your car.  
-After walking your pet outdoors, take the time to wipe off their paws and underbelly after returning so that no chemicals are ingested.
-Pets need to wear identification tags in case they slip out of the house or yard. They don’t want to be roaming around lost in freezing temperatures.  Microchipping is also an important form of identification, and greatly increases the odds that pets will be reunited with their families.
-Pets will be most comfortable indoors where it is warm.  
-Heat lamps and space heaters need to be used with caution so your pet doesn’t get burned.
-Animals may crawl under the hood of your car to find warmth on an engine. Knock on the hood of your car or honk the horn so to alert an animal to leave and avoid injuries.
-Do not leave pets in the car. Temperatures can drop dramatically and your pet can freeze.
-Your dog may benefit from wearing cold weather attire such as a coat or boots when on a walk. Time outdoors should be limited when it is extremely cold to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.
-If your pet must be outdoors, he/she needs a safe shelter with dry bedding that is off the ground. Straw can provide good insulation. Be sure there are no drafts.  It is very important the pet has access to water and that it is not frozen.
-Several holidays are coming up this winter season. Be sure foods such as chocolate as well as certain plants and decorations are out of your pet’s reach so they do not cause any harm.
-Contact your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health.
All your friends at Capital Humane Society thank you for taking good care of your pets in all types of weather.