• Please Note:

    We are over capacity for dogs and no longer accepting dog surrenders unless it is an urgent emergency. Please call 402-441-4488 ext 2 to be placed on a waitlist.

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Surrender FAQs

Q: I can no longer keep my pet.  Will CHS accept them?

We are an open admission animal shelter, meaning we do not turn any animal(s) away.  We do ask for you to be open and honest about your reasoning to surrender, as we may be able to help you.  There may be resources to assist you in keeping your animal, see the resource list below.

Q: Is there a fee to surrender my animal?

No, we do not require a fee to surrender your pet(s). Do keep in mind, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. When you surrender your pet(s), please consider the expenses incurred by Capital Humane Society in evaluating and caring for your animal. Caring for your animal costs more money than is received in adoption fees.  Therefore, donations at the time of surrender are greatly appreciated.  Expenses include:

  • Daily feedings
  • Staff
  • Utilities (water, electricity, heat, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Essential vaccinations
  • Screening & treatment of intestinal parasites
  • Deworming 
  • Testing for FeLV & FIV (cats)
  • Testing for Heartworm Disease (dogs)
  • Monthly applications of flea/tick preventive or treatment
  • Monthly Heartworm preventative
  • Spay/Neuter (if needed)
  • Additional medical care, if necessary

Q: Is there a recommended donation for surrendering my pet(s)?

Adult Dogs - $100 per animal

Adult Cats - $50 per animal

Puppies - $50 per animal

Kittens - $25 per animal

Q: I surrendered my pet to CHS and they were adopted by a new family.  I have decided I want them back.  Can you retrieve my pet or can you give me the contact information for the new owner?

No. Once you surrender an animal to CHS, you relinquish all ownership of the animal. We do not release information regarding the final disposition of the animal.  No information about the animal or its new family will be released.

Q: I’m surrendering several of my pets.  Will they be adopted out together?

We cannot guarantee all animals surrendered together will be adopted together.  If they are a “bonded pair” and overall do better together, we try our best to keep them together.