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What is an Assistance Animal?

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) & Service Animals

An assistance animal is an animal that works, provides assistance, or performs tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability, or that provides emotional support that alleviates one or more identified effects of a person’s disability. An assistance animal is not a pet. 

*There is no registry for an animal to be considered a service animal or ESA. 

Landlords cannot 

                -require deposits/fees

                -enforce a “no pets” policy as they are not pets

                - require specific breed/weight/size 

Renting with an Assitance Animal

Reasonable Accommodation Request

You may submit a reasonable accommodation if you need to have your pet in housing where they are not allowed or to waive a pet fee/deposit/rent. 

If you receive disability from the government, this is sufficient proof that you are disabled and anyone who knows you can write your reasonable accommodation letter. If you do not receive disability from the government, this letter should be written by a doctor, psychiatrist or social worker. 

In the letter, they need to confirm that you have a disability and require an assistance animal. They do not have to state what the disability is or what support/service the animal provides. 

Your landlord is not allowed to ask for medical records, to speak with your medical provider, or ask for detailed medical information. Your landlord must respond to your reasonable accommodation. 

If they do not respond to you and you’ve been unlawfully denied a reasonable accommodation, you can file a complaint with FHEO.


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More Info & Resources

Information provided comes from the US Department of Housing

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