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Oliver is a 1 year old, neutered male, Lab mix that weighs 49.1lbs.

Oliver is such a sweet boy. He will need an experienced owner that is willing to put time and effort into training and exercising him every day. Oliver is a young dog that has a ton of energy and may make a good running partner with proper training in the right weather. He needs toys and exercise to keep him occupied or he can be destructive. Oliver also has a high prey drive and does not get along with cats or dogs. We ask that he goes to a cat-free and dog-free home. We ask that he meets all kids prior to adoption because he can be a bit shy when meeting new people. 

Notes & Needs:

  • Cat Free Home
  • Dog Free Home
  • Recommend Daily Exercise
  • Must Meet All Children
  • Recommend a Fenced Yard
  • Recommend Training
  • More details will be shared with potential adopters at the time of the interaction