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Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson

Director of Community Engagement

Lindsay Thompson joined the animal welfare field in 2014 as a Canine Care Attendant at Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, New Jersey and progressed to Canine Care Department Manager in 2015.  Her background in caregiving provided valuable insight as she worked to help improve shelter processes, invest in development of staff, and increase quality of care for the animals.  She led the Canine Care Staff in support of Monmouth County’s Humane Law Enforcement during various field efforts, including the rescue of 276 dogs in the Howell hoarding case and “Operation Grand Champion”, a multi-jurisdictional federal dog fighting investigation.

In her current role as Director of Community Engagement, Lindsay is responsible for management and growth of volunteer and community programs.  She is passionate about serving both the people and the animals of her community by providing humane education, outreach in underserved areas, and resources for families and their pets.  

Lindsay is known by her colleagues for having a skill and love for working with shy and fearful dogs.  In her free time, she enjoys painting, outdoor activities, and being involved in the LGBTIQA+ community.  Lindsay resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with her two shelter dogs, Thomas and Miles.