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Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering for Capital Humane Society. Our volunteers are part of a compassionate, non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of companion animals. 



  • All on-site volunteers must be at least 13 years old.
  • On-site volunteers between 13 & 15 years old must have a parent or guardian present at all times.
  • Most on-site volunteer roles require a minimum commitment of 4 service hours per month, some require more.
  • All on-site volunteers agree to assist with general cleaning duties as needed.
  • Volunteers cannot have a documented history of neglect or abuse towards animals.
  • Volunteers must demonstrate behavior that aligns with CHS's Workplace Culture Agreement.
  • Pay a one time $10 volunteer fee to cover the cost of volunteer t-shirt.



I have required community service hours, am I able to complete them at CHS?

Our community service volunteer program is separate from our general volunteer program.  To learn more and submit an application click here.

I want to volunteer but I’m under 13 years old, how can I help?

Although the nature of our on-site volunteer work does not currently allow for those under 13 to volunteer, we are working on developing programs that would provide volunteer opportunities to the younger kiddos!  At this time we do not have an estimated roll out date for these programs, stay tuned for more information!  In the meantime, we always encourage interested individuals to consider hosting fundraisers and donation drives outside of the shelter environment as a great way to support our shelter and our animals!

What are the on-site volunteer hours?

Volunteers at our adoption center are typically at the shelter between the hours of 8AM-7PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-5PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteers at our intake center are typically at the shelter between the hours of 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-4PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of shifts per month in order to volunteer?  What if my schedule changes frequently?

Certain on-site volunteer roles, especially those that involve direct handling of the animals, require a significant amount of training and therefore to be considered for these roles we ask for a commitment of at least 6 months of volunteer work with a dedicated weekly shift. Many of the other available on-site volunteer roles are more flexible.  Please read each volunteer job description closely before applying to ensure you are aware of all qualifications and time requirements.  We understand of course that life can be unpredictable and that our volunteers balance many other responsibilities outside of their duties here, therefore we do our best to be accommodating with scheduling. 



​​​​​​1) Fill out the CHS Volunteer Application.

*Click the button at the bottom of the page to be taken to the virtual application.

Please allow 7 business days for your application to be processed.  Once processed, you will receive a follow up email outlining current available opportunities and instructions on how to set up a phone interview.

2) Phone interview with the Director of Community Engagement

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and discuss the details of your application as well as your goals as a volunteer!  During this interview we will go over the volunteer opportunities we can offer that correspond with your availability and skills.  If  we are able to decide on a match, an onboarding date will be set for your first day of training!

3) Onboarding email

You will receive an onboarding email with detailed instructions for your first day of training including what to wear, where to report, and generally what to expect.  The email will contain a link with the Volunteer Agreement  which need to be signed prior to your first day.  Any volunteer onboarding materials necessary for your training such as videos or handbooks will also be included.

4) Training

A $10 one time volunteer fee will be due on the first day of training, this fee goes to cover the cost of your volunteer t-shirt which is considered your uniform.  It is necessary to complete a number of training hours before volunteering on your own.  This number varies depending on the volunteer role you are filling and can be anywhere from 2 hours for general cleaning to 12 hours for adoption counseling.  Your training may be provided by a variety of people including the Director of Community Engagement, Animal Welfare Staff, and other seasoned volunteers.

5) Volunteering

Once your training period is complete and you are confident in your new volunteer role you can begin working your shifts independently!  We love the idea of cross-training volunteers in other roles they may be interested in and are happy to make that happen once a volunteer is established in the organization, usually after about 25 service hours have been completed.


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