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Humane Education

We can all make a difference!

All of us can impact the world in small and great ways by the actions we take. We can make kind choices to help with the homeless animal problem. Our decisions can be part of the solution to the issues that Capital Humane Society addresses every day. For example:

  • We can spay and neuter our own pets so they do not add to the overpopulation problem.
  • We can make a commitment to take good care of our own pets for life so they never end up homeless.
  • We can choose to adopt our next pet from Capital Humane Society when we are ready for a new companion animal.
  • We can be a role model for kindness and influence others to do the same.
  • We can make a monetary gift or donate items the humane society. To find a list of items, please visit our wishlist!

Every year, hundreds of children of all ages learn about topics such as responsible pet care, dog bite prevention, the importance of being kind, and the role of the humane society. 

To schedule a humane education presentation, please contact Charleen Engberg, Director of Volunteers and Education, at edvol@capitalhumanesociety.org.