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Our History

Capital Humane Society
serves the community by
sheltering unwanted pets,
acts as an advocate for animal
welfare and strives to
educate the public
about responsible pet care.

Lost & Found

If you are missing your pet, follow these steps!

1. Contact the Capital Humane Society at 441-4488 and leave a lost report. We also want you to come into the Admissions & Assessment Center at 2320 Park Boulevard to see if your pet is here. You know your pet better than we do!

2. Contact Animal Control at 441-7900, a division of the City-County Health Department, to see if they have picked up your pet or have any reports.

3. Call the Lincoln Journal Star at 473-7373. They will place an ad in the Lost & Found section for six days at no charge.

4. Make posters including a picture and description. Post them in your neighborhood and make sure all your neighbors know your pet is missing.

5. Make sure to check online sites like Craigslist's Lost & Found and Pet Sections. Often times citizens post on these and do not always contact us or Lincoln Animal Control.

6. You can contact Lost Pets of Lancaster County on Facebook for assistance in searching for your lost pet. You can post your lost pet's information and picture to their Facebook page too.

7. If you have a picture of your lost pet please email it to us at:

8. You know your pet better than anyone and the ultimate responsibility for finding it is yours.