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"There is no psychiatrist
in the world 
like a dog licking your face" 
~ Ben Williams~

Available Dogs & Puppies

Jixor & Mator

Jixor & Mator

Jixor is a 10 year old, neutered male, Italian Greyhound that weighs 15lbs. Mator is an 8 year old, neutered male, Poodle Miniature/Chihuahua that weighs 14lbs.

Jixor and Mator are cuties and a perfect pair. They must be adopted together. Mator seems to have an independent personality and would do best in a calm household without any kids. These two were surrendered to the shelter because the owner did not have time for them. According to the previous owner, Mator does not like his feet touched and has growled/shown his teeth at a vet or groomer because of this. The owner also noted that Mator shows his teeth if you try to pet him while he is sleeping or if you try to push him off furniture. During his time at the shelter, Mator has shown no aggression to people. During the temperament test, Mator became a little growly when Jixor tried to eat out of Mator's food bowl. This can be a common response to another dog trying to eat out of someone else's bowl. Jixor responded appropriately and left Mator alone. Adopters may want to feed them separately but the owner noted that they do not fight over food. Please contact the behavior department with any questions. When introduced to another dog their size Jixor and Mator were friendly.