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"There is no psychiatrist
in the world 
like a dog licking your face" 
~ Ben Williams~

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End-Zone is a 5 year old, neutered male, Lab that weighs 69lbs.

End-Zone is a handsome boy who loves to have fun. This fella will need an experienced owner willing to work with him. End-Zone needs to learn manners and how to walk on a leash appropriately. Please contact the behavior department with any questions. During a temperament test, End-Zone displayed some possible food aggression. He began to eat quickly and got tense. The owner also noted that he would lunge if you try to pet him while he is eating. Please read our handouts on food aggression. Due to this, we are asking that he goes to a home without any kids under the age of 12. End-Zone was brought to the shelter because his owner was moving. When introduced to another dog his size End-Zone was growly, so we are asking that he goes to a home with no other dogs. We are also asking that he goes to a home without cats.

He is #39488.