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"There is no psychiatrist
in the world 
like a dog licking your face" 
~ Ben Williams~

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Doug is a 5 year old, neutered male, Pit Bull that weighs 66lbs.

Doug was adopted but then returned because the family did not have time for him. He has a bubbly personality and an energy level to match. Daily exercise and training will help with Doug's energy level and help him slim down. Doug pulls pretty hard on his leash and could use manners. Previous notes say that Doug is food aggressive with other dogs, but no food aggression with people was observed during his temperament test. Please read our training handouts and contact the behavior department with any questions. When introduced to another dog his size Doug was friendly. Due to his exuberant personality it is recommended that Doug meet children prior to adoption. He may do best in a home without small kids.

He is #51255.