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"There is no psychiatrist
in the world 
like a dog licking your face" 
~ Ben Williams~

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Chelsee is an 8 month old, neutered male, Doberman mix that weighs 67lbs.

Chelsee is a handsome and strong dog. He would enjoy a home with daily exercise and training. Chelsee was brought to the shelter because of landlord restrictions. The previous owner stated that Chelsee growls if you try to pet him while he has a stolen object or stolen piece of food. The owner also noted that Chelsee growls at strangers. No aggression has been observed from Chelsee during his time at the shelter. With this information, it is recommended that Chelsee meets all kids prior to adoption. According to the previous owner, Chelsee is house-trained. When introduced to another dog his size Chelsee was shy. It is recommended that he meets all other dogs prior to adoption as well.

He is #61640.