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Our History

To fullfill the promise of animals, the Capital Humane Society shelters animals, protects animals and teaches compassion and respect.


Choosing to adopt a homeless pet from Capital Humane Society is a kind act. We
appreciate your support and willingness to offer a lifetime of love to an animal in need.

What's included in the adoption fee?
-A health exam by the shelter veterinary staff
-Treatment for fleas, ticks, and mites (if present)
-Treatment for intestinal parasites
-Heartworm test for canines
-Feline Leukemia/FIV test for felines
-Microchip & Microchip registration
-DA2PP & Bordetella vaccinations for canines
-FVRCP vaccination for felines

Keep in mind, the same basic medical care and treatments would cost $200 or more at a local vet.

Cat Adoption Fees

Dog Adoption Fees

If the dog or cat is current on it's rabies vaccination, the deposit fee is waived.

No license fee is charged to those living outside the city of Lincoln.

Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

Seniors for Seniors is a program designed to match up senior pets with senior citizens so both can enjoy the benefits of companionship. Any day at the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center, senior citizens (62+ years old) can receive 50% off their adoption fee if they adopt a senior animal 5 years or older.

Classes run Monday, July 23rd through Monday, August 27th! Pre-register & secure your spot by calling or visiting the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center!

Purchase your tickets at either of our locations!

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